King Fresh Planting Vegetable Joint Industry is located in Yunnan, a beautiful mountainous plateau in China. By virtue of the warm subtropical climate and high quality and pollution-free water sources peculiar to Yunnan Plateau, King Fresh Planting has developed from small-scale planting to a joint industry integrating large-scale international high-end custom planting, high-quality picking and packing, sales and transportation services. King Fresh Planting owns the mature international order planting techniques, with products exported to Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. It has various products, such as Chinese kale, broccoli, snow pea and chye sim favored by the European market, and scallion, ginger, garlic, all kinds of tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, spinach, celery, green pepper, red pepper, eggplant, coriander, cabbage, baby shanghai green and so on sold to Southeast Asia.

King Fresh Planting joint planting bases are distributed in various prefectures and counties of Yunnan Province with total area about 3000 mu. Outdoor planting or modern greenhouse planting is selected according to the varieties of vegetables. The vegetables are planted scientifically according to the customers’ demands, picked in a standard manner, primarily processed and packed strictly. The products are not affected by the seasons and can be continuously supplied throughout the year.

In order to guarantee the quality and freshness of the products supplied by King Fresh Planting, we cooperate with the powerful international freight forwarding companies in Yunnan Province and can provide inspection, customs declaration, transportation, customs clearance and even delivery to the door for customers.

King Fresh Planting carefully nurtures each vegetable, provides high-quality services for customers, and makes unremitting efforts for establishing a high-end custom brand.
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